Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Happy Birthday, our Kid.

Happy 3rd Birthday to our big, little, loud, Noah. Last week was filled with birthday celebrations as Noah turned 3 and I turned 31. Our birthdays are only 2 days apart. 3 years ago he arrived as my early little b'day gift! 

He is just about the most annoying child you've ever met in your life. Boy, can this kid kick up a stink. He has no shame. He'll lie down right in the middle of a supermarket and have a full on tantrum, leaving me very red faced. Some days, especially when he's tired or coming down with something, strops are frequent. And demands are come so often that he hasn't even finished his question before he starts into the next one...
"Mummy, can I have toast and butter and chocolate spread and milk, and play iPad... and Mummy, can I please watch Team Umizoomi ... Mummy I want to go to Playschool now"

The thing is if I say no to any of the requests he'll just say "no, but..." and ask again. What if I say yes? Well. He just asks the same thing again until he gets what he wants. So... there's plenty of "Noah, I said YES!" It drives me and my husband bonkers! 

Noah also got his first report card. It stated he spoke clearly but he was very quietly spoken. Oh how I laughed. Noah. Quietly spoken. We call him 'foghorn'. Because, well, it's pretty self-explanatory. 

But how we adore him. He is the sweetest little guy. Do you know what he says to me a thousand times a day? 

"Mummy, I luz you. You my whole world".

And that never gets old.

And he adores his little sister. He never takes anything off her. He only gives. He asks to hold her many many times during the day. And he tells me how much he loves her on a regular basis. Everything she does his "so cute" and he only wants to make her happy. Oh how he loves to hear her laugh. He is just the best big brother.

Look at that face. I can't ever stay mad for long. He might be hard work but he is adorable and so so funny. Happy birthday, our pet. 

As for my birthday, my husband made me an amazing birthday picnic and we went to my favourite spot to eat it. What a guy, eh? 

Jack is knackered. He's so ready for a break. Only 3 days left until the summer holidays, guys! I bet you're all as excited and thankful as us! 

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.
-Dr Seuss

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Man Down.

So, you'll forgive me for the rather long absence. We had a bit of an incident at a friends birthday party a few weeks ago. Little Mister Noah fell awkwardly on a trampoline (which happened to be his wee mates birthday gift) and yup. Broke his leg. As you can imagine it was pretty horrendous at the time. He was in pain with it for a few days. And very frustrated as he was unable to get around.

Fortunately, the fracture, although pretty bad (a clean break through the tibia) was straightforward enough and from the X-rays we have been told it has already healed. Noah isn't in any pain and totters around in his cast, or bum shuffles. He's even back at play school. It's not easy though. He gets tired from lugging his big cast around and asks to be carried. He's very heavy so it has been tough on my back.

Even though the bone has healed, the doctors decided to leave the cast on for an extra couple of weeks, just to be sure. So it will have been 6 lonnnnng weeks all in all. And he'll have it on for his 3rd birthday this weekend. Poor wee pet. However, it comes off next week! On my birthday, no less. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift!

I'm so excited for him! And us too! Noah has not been a bit worried about annoying the neighbours with his incessant shouting for us... "mummmmmmmmmmy"... "Dadddddddddddy" x30,0000000. Cue us running up and downstairs all day only to be told whatever thought has popped into his head just that minute. Or "look at my lego robot". Or "red my favourite colour." I never thought having your 2 year old follow you everywhere, all day long, and constantly talking to you is something I would wish for. But it's better than your stationary tot shouting for you all the live long day. 

I complain. But honestly, he has been such a solider. You know, I don't even think he was aware that the cast was going to come off at some point. He had just accepted this and was still smiling. He seemed so surprised when I told him it wouldn't be long until we go back to the hospital to remove the plaster. He was confused, stating that he was Noah with the broken leg! Awk. I told him his leg had healed. He was so excited at the idea of being able to walk, jump and run again. Aw, he breaks my heart.

So that's what we've been up to. Minus-craic. But it could have been worse. And sure, nearly time for Noah to get back on his feet. In other news, May turned 6 months. Where did that time go? She's sitting up, rolling back and forth, chattering, and looks almost ready to crawl. She's still a wee dream. Hardly a bit of bother.

As for young Jack, he's worked hard at school all year and is looking forward to the summer holidays. We all are. A break from homework and school runs is just what we need right now. Just another couple of weeks. Hoping for some more great weather! Laters! xo