Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Captain Jack

Our half term is off to a somewhat bad start. Last Monday and Tuesday, poor Jack wasn't a bit well. He had to take a couple of days off school. I wanted to keep him off for a day or two longer, but he was keen to get back, and wasn't for missing his first Hallowe'en fancy dress school disco. He's mostly recovered, bar a chesty little cough. However, his brother and I have caught this nasty bug bad. Poor Noah has been really suffering for days. I'm a day behind him in weird symptoms, so I feel terribly sorry for him when he's feeling so rough, and then I get the symptoms the next day and feel even worse that he has to go through this. And, won't it ever end? It just seems to go on and on, and morph into new horridness. It's not a great start to our half term break. We've already had to cancel two days worth of plans.

As I mentioned, Jack's school had a Disney themed fancy dress disco before the Hallowe'en break began. Jack had a ball! Our Hallowe'en this year seems to have an unintentional pirate theme for us. We didn't have a disney themed costume, so some friends loaned us this one. How awesome does Jack look as Captain hook? Y'ar matey! 

Our friends over at Zazzle sent Jack and Noah some awesome pirate themed clothing. Jack wears the Captain Jack Toddler baseball tee, and Noah compliments his big bro in this cute 'I'm with Jack' Toddler pullover hoody.

The weather now is about as miserable as Noah and I feel. Hopefully everything will pick up and we can enjoy our hallowe'en break. Maybe my little pirates will be feeling well enough for some trick or treating. Their appetites have been affected by this nasty bug, but something tells me they'll feel up to digging in to a full bag of yummies.

Thanks again to Zazzle for our lovely goodies. Happy Hallowe'en to you all and I'll leave you with our week that was:

2. Girly me-time at a silversmithing ring workshop
3. Pappies boys
4. Another self portrait
6. Wave
8. "Oh, Is this annoying? Well that was my intention."

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Silver Linings

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball as it for us this past summer when we received news that Jack had not been accepted for his first choice of primary school. We had put down four choices, the last being our 'wildcard'. We didn't even know where the school was, we had just heard good things. Well. Much to our surprise, that's where he was offered a place. 

I expected to be driving in towards the city every morning but as it turns out I am now travelling the the opposite direction, deep into the countryside. For the first couple of weeks the school run seemed like it took an eternity -winding through all those small rural back country roads. However, I have really come to appreciate the gorgeousness that is the drive to school. Every morning, no matter the weather, it is a feast for the eyes. Ireland is really beautiful. So far we have had beautiful low sun shining through the autumn trees. And many days we have such romantic misty mornings. Just lovely. On the way home from Friday's school run, Noah and I took a little wander through a carrot field and stopped a few times to admire the scenery.

Jacket Cos Kids    /    5 pocket Jeans American Apparel £36

I can only imagine how treacherous the school runs will become in the snow. Treacherous but stunning, I'm sure. It'll either be snow tires or snow days! I don't think we will have the luxury of gritted main roads. This school is buried so deep in the back of beyond!

As for Jack, this turn of events seem to have suited him just fine. The smaller school fits him like a glove. His confidence is growing by the day. He is happy, enthusiastic, motivated, interested, excited, and content. I am amazed at how much this little guy has picked up in 5 weeks. He is literally writing words that we spell out to him! He is coming home and asking me to show him how to read, write and draw (and he has never shown such an interest before!) I am so thrilled at how much he has taken to school. 

Noah was sent a lovely little bobble hat from Lala&Bea London, a family run business with factories based in the UK. They produce practical but fun products for kids, that are designed for parents. The Made in Britain campaign is one that is close to their heart. I really adore all the Lala&Bea designs (check our the darling blankets!) and Noah's hat has been receiving lots of lovely compliments! Thanks so much to Lala&Bea, and please check out their website and shop local!

Here's what we've been up to in the past week:

1. Cousin time!
2. Tadpoles
3. Homework
4. Brother lifts
5. Doggy playdate
6. Self Portrait. Jack by Jack.
7. Anything you have, I want too.
8. Mossy mohawk

Friday, 9 October 2015

See Into the Trees

Yay for the weekend! A break for us all. How lovely it is to get some quality family time with my boys. Look at these two, standing next to eachother long enough to take a photo! And Noah is even smiling (shame about Jack!)

Jack went on his first school trip this week. On a coach! Oh the excitement of it all! He went on an autumn walk, and boy, did he have a ball!

I told you all about Zazzle in my last post. They had got in touch to ask if I would like to feature some of their goodies on my boys. (Thanks you guys!) The little Pumpkin tee Noah wore in my last post seemed to go down a treat with lots of you, and I'm hoping you like my next choices just as much. 
Seeing as Jack is a big dinosaur fanatic, and chortles away at The Big Bang Theory, I reckoned he might love Sheldon Coopers Dinosaur T-shirt! He did! Mammy-win! 

I thought Noah could kind-of match in subject so I chose a Vintage Dinosaur Illustration Raglan baseball shirt for him. He can't talk yet, so I'm not sure how he felt about his new tee, but if I know those gurgles and blethers, (and I think I do) he loved it.

Thanks infinity (as Jack would say) to our pals at Zazzle for these dinorific baseball tees. Here's what we've been at:

2. Family Sunday
3. Pinterest worthy feature in my Nan & Paps garden
4. I ain't afraid of no ghost
5. Screech
6. Lay a little egg for me
7. Picnics - in October!
8. Morning!

Friday, 2 October 2015

O Hushed October

And it's October! Beautiful autumn is here. We had a dirty rotten summer of rain, but it seems like summer is saying a fleeting hello. This week has been funny - the chilly mornings start with thick fog, and when it hits noon and sun comes out and shines for all its worth. The latter part of the day is hazy beautiful warmth. Such typical fickle Irish weather. 

We're well used to the school routine now. Jack is really loving it. He loves the learning, the play, his teachers, and his friends. I'm so happy for him. My timekeeping has never been bad, so we always make it on time, but my organisational skills could definitely use some improving. I'm getting better. The key for me is always getting stuff sorted the day before.

Noah is a bit better behaved since my last blogpost. Two new, shiny perfect little teeth have sprouted, so I'm assuming they were the source of his naughtiness. That's 4 up top, and 4 beneath now. Just 12 more to go! Oh mama, save me.

You know how one of the perks of being a 'Mom blogger' is when lovely companies send you lovely things to feature? Well, Zazzle contacted me to ask if Jack and Noah would like some Hallowe'eny type goodies. Eh, yes please. So I popped on their site to have a wee look-see. My gosh, talk about choice. At first it was overwhelming. There are literally thousands of products, and designs. However, as I started to realize. It's pretty simple. See a design you like? You can literally print that design on any item of your choosing. Men, woman, kids - use the drop down menu to choose the item of clothing you want printed. Although I chose not to personalize these items, you can do so very easily. It's easy to customize the design and add your own text.

By the time I had finished choosing my items I was so impressed with Zazzle I will surely go back. My regular readers will know I love American Apparel for myself, my husband and the boys. Zazzle stock many of the basic AA items for print, so it's lovely to have the option of adding fun designs to great quality clothing. Jack is a Scooby-Doo fan so I thought he would love the Mystery Machine Sweatshirt. Noah is so cute in his Jack O' Lantern Long Sleeve top.

Hope you're all settled back into your routines, and have been enjoying some mild weather, like ourselves. Thanks so much to our chums at Zazzle for the lovely apparel. I will be featuring more soon! Here's our week that was:

1. Family walks
2. Park with BFF
3. Pick me up!
4. Soggy day at the play park
5. Bonafide cuties in PJ's
6. Dinosaur attack!
7. Those curls <3
8. Bathtime