Sunday, 19 April 2015

Ramblin' Man

Jack has taken a phenomenal little development leap and I can see him trying to piece together the puzzle of life and make sense of it all. Dear love the child, it's no wonder he can't quite get to grips with things, because the questions he asks me aren't easily answered, like, "where do we go when we die?" "why can't we fly?" and "why do we live?" He's decided this week that he wants to be a vegetarian. He just cannot wrap his head around the fact that we eat animals. Like myself, Jack is a real animal lover. I can see he has a confidence and a good way with them. "Do you eat Lamb, Mummy?" I'll answer truthfully that I do. "But you like Lambs, Mummy!"  I'll tell him that the burger he ate a couple of nights ago used to be a cow. Then comes the awful questions about how they killed the cow, and then he vows he wont eat burgers anymore. A friend of ours is a vegetarian. "Does Ciara eat plants then, Mummy?" he asked me one day. "Aye" says I. "But plants are alive!" he exclaimed. Oh flip, he's gonna end up a very picky vegan at this rate.

It has been another hectic week of school runs and home improvements - and an active weekend to boot. Today has been particularly mad with a trip to the swimming pool, followed by a long ramble. It was Noah's first trip to the pool and he thought it was minus craic, whereas big bro had a fab time. Noah turned 10 months this week. He's full of fun. Such a happy (and hungry) baby. My husband despairs he will eat us out of house and home.

Bear Grylls is a big talking point in our house at the minute. My husband and I are following The Island and Jack enjoys repeats of his survival programs on the tellybox. On todays ramble, Jack pretended to be a survival expert, narrating what he was doing and why. Very cute. The expression "What would Bear Grylls do?" was used a few times when Jack took a tumble and started to yap. Hey, whatever works.

Now, I know I'm majorly bias, but I think my boys are looking just so cute today. They're both dressed head-to-toe-in-uniqlo. I'm a long time fan of Uniqlo. They do such fab basics. I live in my Uniqlo tees. So I was chuffed for the boys when they sent some lovely items.

Noah is wearing the Fleece Full Zip Hoody, and the Infant Easy Trousers. These look like little jeans, but they're super soft. And they have stars all over the back pockets, which I think is adorable. Sometimes when my husband thinks you're tooting your own trumpet he'll put you back in your box with the phrase "Do you want a star for your arse?" Every time I put these on Noah, this pops into my head.
Noah is also wearing Jack's hand-me-down Green infant Converse high tops.

Jack is wearing the Kids Light Warm Padded Parka. Oh how I love this coat. Simple, lightweight, warm and stylish. He also wears the Long sleeve sweat hoody, Striped Long Sleeve top (I flipping love a breton top. I own far too many) and the boys Slim fit jeans.
He's very on trend, I think you'll agree, with his lovely little New Balance trainers. New Balance is having a real revival at the minute. Everyone is wearing them.

Thanks to Uniqlo for the fab items. We love them all. Finally, here's what we've been getting up to.

1. Baby Archie and Jack
2. Maisey really suits the new rug
3. And the chocolate Easter chicken was never seen again
4. Bubble bath
5. Messing around with cousins
6. Gorsebush. My favourite weed.
7. A trip to Dublin
8. Our little family

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Lough Erne's Shore

We've had the quare busy Easter break. It seems as though we've put the new car through its paces travelling long distances, and although it's much more roomy and comfortable than our old car, we all agree we'll not go too far for a wee while. 

We have a family tradition on Easter Monday. For years we have driven to Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, to visit the places which my Dad and his siblings spent a lot of their childhood. The relatives who once lived there are long gone and all that remains now are the old shells of the houses that once were. 

It is truly beautiful and undisturbed up there. Irish weather is unpredictable and in years gone by we have been so cold we couldn't even get out of the car. However, yesterday was just so comfortably warm. We climbed a steep hill and looked out over Lough Erne.

Jack is honestly a little mountain goat. He's got a great pair of legs on him, and when he wants to, he can just walk and walk and walk. Funny how his legs seem to betray him in the shopping mall and suddenly he can go no further without a bribe of some description. This sort of outing is just his bag though. He's an outdoorsy sort of chap and he climbed this mountain like a pro.

Our Maisey-dog loves this trip. It might be the highlight of her year. I voted against her coming this year, isn't that awful? It's just that every year she finds a huge pile of cow dung and rolls in it. I'll wash her down the best I can, and then she'll promptly go and roll in another one. Then we're left with her stinking out the car on the long drive home. With a nice new car and a new little one in tow I didn't want the responsibility of this on top of everything else. Fortunately for her, my husband said he would deal with any poo-related calamities, and he did. I'm glad she came. She's had some mighty craic.

This was Noah's first Enniskillen trip and he donned his big brother's hand-me-downs, wearing a pair of cute little Aigle Lollypop wellies, and Zara Skinnies. Jack wore his Tootsa McGinty Dungarees from Desmond Elephant and Hunter Classic Wellies in black.

Hope you all had a fab Easter. I reckon we're looking forward to getting back to our normal routine, just to get a break. Phew. What a mad couple of weeks!

Time for tea.