Saturday, 26 April 2014

Drip drip drop, Little April Shower

The weather over the Easter holidays has been really so wonderful. We have loved sitting outside, soaking up the heat. It's so rare in Ireland! Much as I love prancing about in the sun, it's definitely not my favorite element to photograph in. Far from it. So, on Easter Tuesday, when it looked like rain, I took us all for a dander under those gorgeously ominous looking clouds. Sure enough, it wasn't long before we had to take shelter from a storm.

I've been on the lookout for a suitable backpack for wee Jack, since he'll be starting nursery full time this September! Sniff! He's getting so big! I was delighted to come across this little Miffy backpack. I think it is just the cutest! Mister loves to tote around his stuff. On this walk it contained a sneaky Easter egg and a flask full of milk. Yummo.

Jack was also wearing a Ladybird bodywarmer, Zara Kids skinny jeans, and Converse high tops. 

 I'm still snapping away at the little things, for now. So here's our week that was:

1. A medal for being helpful
2. Sweet little personalized towel, handmade by a cousin of mine.
3. The 8th month mark!
4. Two great pals
5. Peepo!
6. Beautiful cashmere slippers gifted to us by new sponsor Collegien (more on these soon!)
7. Builder boy
8. Family walk

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hello Sunshine.

What amazing weather! Is it any wonder we associate Easter with the colour yellow? There's so much of it at this time of year. It's so beautiful. Which is exactly what Jack came out with today when we went for a walk through this Rapeseed field. My husband said he's been spending too much time with me to say something like that. 

Jack and I have certainly been enjoying the sunshine this Easter break. How he loves the outdoors! He's been rolling about in the grass and exploring everywhere. In addition Daddy has taken a few days off and there's Easter eggs too -  this all makes for such a happy little fella.

A long time affiliate of ours, funky British brand, No Added Sugar, kindly sent Jack this adorable Fox in a Boat tee. Isn't it sweet? I love the print and the little shoulder buttons. Super cute. He's wearing it with the American Apparel 5 pocket jeans, and Tri-blend cardigan.

Thanks so much to our sponsor, No Added Sugar
Happy Easter to you all - May the sun shine warm upon your face! I'll leave you with the week that was:

1. Still my baby
2. Charming little shop front
3. Spag bol! Jack's favourite. 
4. Playing
5. Hunting for ladybirds
6. Wee messer
7. Be a knight and do it right!
8. Getting ready for bed (Mammy needs some maternity PJ's!)

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Thickets of Gorse

The sun shone through the window so bright this morning, we got a bit overexcited and got ourselves sorted with a slap up picnic lunch. Well, as is so often the case with this scenario, it turned out to be what I like to call an 'Irish picnic'. I.e. One goes with the intention of eating al fresco, but ends up foundered and bundled up in the car wrapped in blankets. Well, after attempting to sit outside in the sun, Jack complained it was too windy and we ate lunch in the car. I wanted to at least leave the doors open to give that outdoorsy feel, but Jack insisted it was too cold. He was kind of right. After filling our bellies we ventured outside and kept ourselves warm with a run about. 

Let me introduce you to another one of my wonderful new affiliates, new Finnish brand, Guuguu Kidswear. They generously sent Jack these funky College Housut trousers. Super comfy with huge pockets that Jack likes to keep all manners of things in! These were actually amazing when Jack had the chicken pox a couple of weeks ago. He lived in these as all his other trousers hurt his wee scabs. Also, they're our go-to trou of choice when we're doing something active like going to our local gymnastics club. He's wearing them with the American Apparel kids Tri-blend top, and Hummel Suf Blue High tops from our friends at Milly Mog

 A lovely time was had by all. I loved being surrounded by Gorsebush, it's absolutely my favourite weed, despite being repeatedly pricked on the legs and bum as we made our way through the masses of it. We came home with a couple of injuries though. Young Jack poked Daddy in the eye with a stick (or his magic wand, as he insisted) and Jack has a splinter which he just will not let us attempt to remove. 

"Argh! My eye!"

Gugguu also sent Jack their Huppari Harmaa hoody - another seriously comfy little item, which is unusually and beautifully cut. Check out all his little poses in my studio. He's such a lark. 

Thanks so much to Gugguu for the items, check them out if you get a chance. For now I'll leave you with what we got up to these past few days in my Week that Was series.I'm off  to attempt to talk Jack into letting me have another go at removing this splinter. I'll tell you right now, this is going to go down like a lead balloon. Wish me luck! 

1. A springtime walk wearing funky Camelion sweatshirt from our sponsor, Filemon Kid
2. This months issue of the Mr Tumble magazine
3. Jack and 30 week bump
4. A wee babychino
5. Eggshell chick 
6. Beep beep!
7. Some manly garage time with all the men. Grr.
8. Our bedtime book - Don't be Silly Mr Twiddle. (2 chapters every night is a must)

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Up the Garden Path

Yesterday was a lovely spring day. The ground is still saturated, but it didn't stop Jack and I from exploring my Nanny and Pappies beautiful blooming garden. How wonderful it is to see the flowers starting to poke their heads above the soil again. I know I'm annoying the drivers behind me as I slow down to marvel at all the yellow buds that come out at this time of year. It's my favourite colour you know. Jack says his is blue.

Jack and Great Nanny found a ladybird yesterday. Jack was mighty excited by this. He was more than prepared to instruct me to pick it up so he could closely examine it, but he wasn't so brave as to hold it himself. The boy can sure come up with a lot of excuses and stall tactics. "No, ladybird might be dirty... ladybird sleeping now... ladybird just want you to hold it" My Nan says Ladybirds are a sign of a good summer ahead. I hope she's right.


Check out his sweet stripey top. This was sent to us by a new sponsor, One We Like. You must check these guys out. Their prints are exquisite, and the clothing is inspired. I absolutely love this store. This wee tee is perfect for the milder weather. He's also wearing the American Apparel 5 pocket Jeans (when is he ever not?) and Brown Leather shoes from Zara Kids. Thanks so much to the awesome guys over at One We like

I'm still keeping up with photographing the little occurrences by keeping a camera body handy at all times. My Dad recently dug out all his old photos of my brother, sister and I, and looking at them has been so special. It's made me realize that is is so worth trying to capture the little things in life, and I hope Jack will one day enjoy looking through photos of himself as much as we have enjoyed reliving our childhood through the millions of photos my parents took of us! Here's the week that was:

1. Soldier, Sailor, Tinker, Tailor! A gift from our sweet new sponsor Long Story Co.      
2. Big sleeps      
3. Jack's Recycled Compost Monster sprouts a head of hair        
4. Easter Basket      
5. Bird Watching           
6. The Easter Bunny!          
7. Jack and Maisey            
8. Bedtime Story