Monday, 16 June 2014

And Fences made of Stone

Wee Jack and I had a wonderfully busy week last week. Playschool, playdates, and checking out Jack's new school were just a few of the things we got up to. He was very unhappy at the thought of leaving playschool and starting nursery this September, so I'm delighted that a short induction day has eliminated his fears and he seems to be looking forward to it.

After our super busy week, my husband and I understandably slept in on Saturday morning, what, with no alarm and all. Jack doesn't require an alarm. He is an alarm. He got up at 7am on the dot, as usual, and pottered into our room. I remember him trying to rouse us, but we dozed right through. I guess he gave up and decided to have a delve into my drawers and dressing table. I ignored the clinking of bottles and rummaging. The next thing I knew I was having a mixed up sort of dream that probably involved Britney Spears and awoke in confusion as the seriously strong stench of perfume wafted up our nostrils. Jack had sprayed half the bottle of my Britney Spears 'Fantasy' perfume over himself and was now standing by the fan pointed in our direction. It was a most unpleasant way to wake up. I had to give the fella a good scrub, (especially his perfume doused hair) our room still stinks, and I'm pretty sure those pyjamas will have to be thrown out.

I have a lovely new French sponsor called L'enfant Sauvage, who you can find on my sidebar. They kindly sent Jack a few items, including this happy yellow Crown Cardigan. Super sweet, and perfect for mild summer days like these. He's also wearing the Hip Hareem Pant from another great sponsor, Mini Mioche. The tee is from Cos, and of course his little high tops are Converse.  

A big thanks to both my sponsors- do check them out! And as I mentioned in a previous post, Mini Mioche are offering my readers 15% off an order with the code moon15

Last week we received an exciting parcel from a company called Almondella. This company delivers a monthly box of goodies for you and your child, tailored to the age and gender of your little one. It was very exciting - like an early Christmas present! It's definitely a little bit of luxury to treat yourself to, or you can buy a subscription for someone else. Wouldn't that be the gift that would keep on giving? Anyway, I hope I'm not spoiling any surprises, should you decide to sign up... but I wanted to share what we received in our box this month.

Jack was obviously totally delighted with the tool set. It was just his bag. I was particularly pleased with the gorgeous designer leggings, and the organic shampoo. Thanks so much to the guys from Almondella. It made our day!

1. Leggings by Finnish label, Papu
2. Postcard by Finnish designer, Paapii Design

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I scream for Ice-Cream

I had been dreading today for a while. Today was the day Jack had to go for his MMR vaccine. I had been trying to explain the concept of this for a few months, using the term 'jabby' to make it sound less intimidating. Every time I brought it up Jack would get very teary and upset. I had been trying to soften the blow of this unpleasantness with the promise of ice-cream afterwards, but it never did the trick. I wondered how I was going to manage to hold him tight as he got the jabs, and worried I wouldn't be able to sufficiently console him and possibly carry him out of the doctors crying with my great big bump. So, I talked Daddy into putting down his pencils for an hour or two to come with us. 

As we sat in the waiting room this morning, we watched numerous young un's go in for their injections. My husband and I looked at each other in horror as the howls and cries of these poor kids echoed down the corridor. Luckily Jack seemed oblivious as he played with his toy cars. One lady came out in tears, with her upset little boy, and told me how awful it was. My husband and I thought this was going to be even worse than expected!

Well, as it happens, I have one brave little soldier. He sat up on my knee and whimpered quietly at the idea of what was coming. But when it came time, he squeezed in to me tight and we counted the imaginary sprinkles on the ice-cream he would soon be redeeming. His wee voice cracked as the injection entered his arm. Oh the poor pet. But no crying. Surely this was beginners luck? Now he knows what's coming there was no way he wouldn't kick up a stink for jab number two? Well, this time round we counted imaginary marshmallows. Afterwards he rubbed his arm with tears in his eyes and said "That weally hurwt." But that's all. So the title of this post isn't at all accurate and for effect only! There was no screaming. Boy, I was proud. The nurse said he was the best patient she'd had all day. It was only 11am. But still. 

He was awarded a sticker, and a certificate of bravery. But most importantly of all he finally got the much anticipated and oft spoken of ice-cream. It was yum.

 The bravest little kid on the block.

Monday, 2 June 2014


It has been a week full of fire engines for my little Jack! Last Monday a fire engine, and a couple of firemen visited playschool as part of 'People who help people' month. Jack was very excited. I wasn't there, but I'm told they turned the siren on, one of the firemen was called Harry, and Jack didn't want to sit inside the fire engine, preferring to look at the hatch. That's what he told me anyway.

Then, we attended our local churches fete on Saturday, as we do every year. They too had a fire engine for the kids to gawk at. Granny and Grampa took Jack for a look whilst my husband and I milled around the book stall.

To top off his fire-engine-filled week, we received this beautiful Tapete Holy Smoke sweatshirt, all the way from France, from our newest sponsor, Kidshop. I really really love this sweatshirt! I particularly love the fabric, which is lovely and soft. It's nice and fitted too, so it really suits Jack's skinny wee frame! Of course, Jack loves the block fire engine print. So do I - Simple, bold, and perfect for a boy who loves fire trucks. Kidshop are very kindly offering my readers 15% an order with the code JPM15. They stock so many great brands of kids clothes and deliver worldwide, so check them out! Thanks so much to our chums over there for this awesome top.

In other news, Jack has become very interested in the alphabet. He just took this notion himself. My husband and I have been reading him an old book of poems (that my Nanny read to my Mum when she was a youngster, then my Mum read to me when I was just a cub). It has large letters throughout and when Jack started to learn these as we read and re-read the book, we were amazed. Now, he knows the whole alphabet. As we walk and drive about he'll tell me all the letters around us. I'm a proud Mama. 

Despite being massively pregnant now, I took us on a walk through my father-in-laws fields yesterday. They look so beautiful at the minute. It's always such a shame when he cuts them to make silage. Not for the cows, obviously - for the photographer! I am so huge now, if I get down on my knees to photograph, I have to rely on my husband hauling me up by the oxters, less I just roll about on the ground like a beached whale. With a couple of weeks to go I'm not sure if this one will make an early appearance like big brother Jack here (who decided to turn up 5 weeks early) or if I'll go overdue. 

It's unusual for me not to feel like photo-snapping, but like I say- I'm ever so with child. That's why my week that was series has slightly fallen by the wayside. However, I've made the effort this week, and here's what we've been getting up to:

1. Local church fete
2. The cow jumped over the moon
3. We love Mrs McCanns car
4. "I don't want to wear these and I hate you for making me"
5. Cattle grid pro
6. Meeting second cousin - gorgeous baby Archie!
7. Maisey gets a wash
8. Swishing through Granda Bill's fields