Saturday, 24 May 2014

Rites of Spring

They told me that once Jack started playschool, he would bring home everything. They were right. The absence of a post last week was because this little one was under the weather. He had hand, foot and mouth disease. Are you gasping in horror? Don't. They should downplay the disease bit to 'infection'. Because that's all it is. A nasty, annoying, highly contagious little infection. It would stop people looking at me in utter repugnance when they think I'm actually telling them he's suffering from mad cow disease. So, anyway, he was feeling pretty rotten last week, and was sporting an icky rash. He's feeling much better now. Unfortunately my husband caught it, which resulted in two days off work, feeling awful, and tucked up in bed. His rash has now appeared and I'm totally paranoid I'm going come down with it too!

To top it all off, there's a bit of a viral cough thing going round, but despite sore throats all round, we went for a walk today. Jack wore his trusty Zara kid skinnies and Stella McCartney high tops. He's also wearing the Mini Mioche Ball Storm organic sweater, sent to us by a great new Canadian sponsor, Mini Mioche. Every piece of clothing they stock is designed and ethically made in Canada. They ship worldwide too! Show them some support and take a look... Like what you see? They're so very kindly offering my readers 15% off an order with the code moon15

Thanks so much again to Mini Mioche. We really love this top quality sweatshirt. See y'all soon! 

He's a boy what likes his butter, so he is.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

And so, to bed.

Just like my Dad, when I arrive home from some time away from the house, the first thing I do is slip on my slippers. I love it. I'm a real lounge wear fan. So, I like to do the same for Jack. After playschool, for instance, I take off his shoes and put him in his little slippers. Then, a few weeks ago, this lucky little one was kindly sent a pair of the most gorgeous Cashmere slippers from french brand, Collegien. Oh my word, these just aren't any slippers. They're a wool cashmere blend, with a soft breathable, non-slip sole. He has pretty much had them on non-stop since we got them. They have the most fab range of colours and designs too - and you can get them in adult sizes! You should definitely check out the brand if you fancy a pair of luxury slippers. Jack's Paper Moon readers get a 5 Euro discount. Quote COLJPPM14 at the checkout to redeem.

So, I get the loungewear thing from my Dad, but have inherited my Mum's affinity for old threadbare teddies. I came across this fellow in a junk shop last summer. He's kind of falling apart. His hay stuffing is visible, his button eyes are just about hanging in there, and his fur isn't really fur anymore. You would think a 27 year old woman could walk away, but I fell in love with him and even after bartering as hard as I could, he didn't come cheap. Still, I think he's a beauty. He lives in my bedroom, beside the rag-doll my Mum made me when I was wee. I like to think his existence is much happier now. Listen to me. I'm not even the sentimental type.

Jack is off to bed now, wearing a pair of Cath Kidston footballer pajamas. I can already guess which chapter of Jolly Stories he'll choose. 'Little Brown Bear' no doubt. It's his favorite. Who needs to buy books when you can borrow them from Grannies library? She has millions! Plus, it's a trip down memory lane for me.Thanks so much to Collegien for the slippers! Goodnight all.

 Sleep tight, my darling.

Saturday, 3 May 2014


This boy is a total rascal. Honestly. The things he has started to come out with. He loves nothing better than to tease you. I think he likes to get a rise. This week he has taken to calling me Daddy and then he calls his Da, Mummy. What a wee so-and-so. But he does make me laugh. His sense of humour is a mixture of Pappy Jack, me and my husband. So how could I not? What a boy he is. Toilet humour is his very favourite topic. For goodness sake, don't get him started.

This week we went for a walk in the woods. Is there anything as beautiful as wildflower in spring? We really ought to stop letting this fella play with sticks, but I think it's very boyish nature to pick it up and pretend it's a sword, a wand, or a gun. Which is exactly what Jack was doing. Do you remember in a previous post I mentioned that Jack had accidentally poked Daddy in the eye? Well, Dad got a full blown eye infection after that. Eeesh. 

 Look at Jack's sweater. It was generously sent by one of my favorite sponsors, One We Like. I love a bit of the macabre, so the skull print is right up my street. I can't tell you how soft the fabric is! It is just so comfy on him. We really love it - thanks so much to our lovely friends at One We Like.

 I really appreciate all your nice comments and encouragement on my Week That Was series. So, for now I'm keeping up with photographing the little moments. Here's what we got up to this week.

1. Tinkering with the bike
2. A family walk
3. Do you reckon your kid would like to design their own shoes? Jack got the chance when he got to try a pair of award winning Skribbies. More on these soon!
4. Great mates
5. Hamsters!
6. A walk among wildflower
7. The last Easter egg! My precious...
8. Time for a hair cut!