Thursday, 20 February 2014

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

So it's a bank holiday here in Ireland, which means this fella is on his holidays from playschool. I don't think you'll hear a "horray" out of either of us. This means I have had to drag him round with me while I run errands. This used to be an adventure, but it's not any more. Now (apparently) it's just the worst thing I could possibly do to him. He yaps so much, I weirdly end up feeling really guilty and buying him a bag of skips or something (the desired effect two fold, to appease and to hush.) It used to work until he learned how to complain with his mouth full.

Anyway, we received a lovely package from one of our new affiliates Wolf and Rita, which spiced up the minus-craic bank holiday. Take a gander, won't you, at Jacks funky shirt. Wolf and Rita are a designer kids brand that specializes in quality shirts. I love their bold designs. He's wearing the Joao / Chilli print shirt with the American Apparel Tri Blend Cardigan. Quite the statement? Don't you think?

Truthfully, Jack was glad to get back home. He kicked back with a pancake and milk for lunch, and then 'helped' me do the dishes. Then we just bummed around for a while, wondering why we have some small holes in the skirting board. We decided that some very tiny slimy monsters lived there. 
If you and your wee 'uns are on your holidays, I hope you're enjoying speculating about your skirting boards and eating pancakes too. So, wait... you're saying that's just us then?

Friday, 14 February 2014


Happy Valentines Day! Jack and I made Daddy a card using these photos and treated him to a box of yummies. I awoke to a tray set on my knee, with pancakes, eggs and bacon, a cup of coffee, a long stem rose, a card, and a note to say I have been signed up for a years subscription to my fave magazine. Amazing! Jack also made me the sweetest little card in playschool. He says I'm his sweetheart. What a charmer! With this little man running about, Valentines day can't be too smooshy an affair for my hub and I anymore, but still, these small gestures have been so special. We love you Mr Daddy!

Jack wears a thrifted jumper, the American Apparel 5 pocket Jeans, and Stella McCartney shoes.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Cabbage Patch Kid

This morning we woke up to a rare beautiful, mild and semi-dry day. So Jack and I jumped in the car, cranked up the volume and rocked out while driving about the countryside, stopping to stroke some Donkeys and marvel at the huge houses where the other half dwell. We got a bit lost having taken a load of back lanes and ended up at a cabbage patch. That suggests it was just a wee area of cabbages, when in reality it was a massive field with cabbages as far as the eye could see. My sisters reaction to this was 'How do you stumble upon a cabbage patch?' I dunno, but as I explained to her, it's one of these things that only happens to us mega cool people. The smell of the cabbages heating up in the sun was unreal. 

Anyway, we took a wander, splashing in some puddles and jumping in mud along the way. As you can see, Jack fell right into a big pile of it and wasn't one bit pleased. In fact, he refused to move an inch until he was cleaned which meant I had to go back to the car to look for something to mop him up with. Fortunately (not for some) I had a big bag of old clothing to give to our local charity shop, so a couple of the items didn't ever quite make it there. "Why you clean me with jumper, Mummy?" Answer: Because I'm never organised to carry all the stuff that should come with a youngster. Even baby wipes couldn't have sorted out this mess, though. It was definitely a bath and towel job.

Jack is mega in to singing at the moment. And as his mother and super fan, I just think he's brilliant. He's really good at remembering lyrics and tunes. What makes it all even better is that he seems to be excellent at composing. This is a trait he's definitely inherited from his Daddy, who is also gifted at penning little ditties. Often Jack's songs gravitate around large posteriors and down wind, which makes me giggle. Then I get given a stern look from Daddy who says I shouldn't encourage such behavior. But these subjects amuse me so. (Lets hope Jack doesn't sing Daddy our alternative 'Twinkle Twinkle' lyrics.)

On this day, Jack wore a gilet from Ladybird, the Star hoody from Boys&Girls, Zara kids jeans and the Original Hunter wellies

 "Calloo-Callay, No work today, we're cabbages and kings!"

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Funny Faces

It's finally February. Was January the longest month ever? It might have been something to do with getting back into a routine after all the festive fun, or it might be because we've had nothing but rain. But still. Jack and I have been entertaining ourselves with art projects and baking. He's a real wee Jamie Oliver in the making, I tell ya. 

Once in a blue moon Jack decides he would like to have his photo taken in my studio. It is completely on his terms, you musn't push him to do anything he doesn't want to do, and you must be prepared to have everything at your disposal right there and then or he'll change his mind quicker than you can say fickle. Many's a time he announces he wants me to take his picture only for me to get everything set up and then he'll tell me "don't want too nee-more". So, when he visited me in the studio this week and asked me to take his picture, I back-flipped over the desk, grabbed my camera on the way, and karate chopped the backdrop into place. Then I just let him do whatever the heck he wanted. Obviously, this involves blowing raspberries, making awful faces and doing anything and everything he thinks I don't want him to do, much to his delight. 

Well. I say HA. I loved all the silly poses he gave me. They're just so him.

My husband and I have been taking Jack to football lessons every weekend for a few sessions now. It's a great family Saturday morning activity. Jack loves running around like a mad thing, Mr Dad  loves the Daddy-son bonding time, and I love nattering at the side lines. Everyone wins. (Oh yeah, and it's good exercise and he learns how to participate in a team and all that. You know, that too.)