Monday, 20 January 2014

Sunset at the Stables

Last Wednesday was one of those pleasantly busy days where we went from activity to activity, and at the end of the day we were both ready to drop. In the afternoon, Jack and I went to see our friend Sarah at the stables again. Jack helped feed the horses and I photographed Sarah breaking one in. With plenty of friendly dogs scampering about the yard too, Jack and I were as happy as pigs in muck. And there was plenty of muck. Luckily we were welly-booted up. 

We're still firmly in the "Why?" stage with no end in sight. And yesterdays trip gave way for loads of "Why's?". We have a saying here in Ireland, that goes "Give my head peace". I'll tell you, it's never been truer since this boy started with the incessant questions about everything. Yesterday, he asked me why he spilt his juice all over the floor. There's a question I'd like to know the answer to as well. I can't get through a song or a radio segment without having to turn it down to feign some kind of answer to what is often a nonsensical question. 

Curious George here, wore a thrifted cardigan, Zara Kids trousers, Cos Shirt, Aigle Perdrix welly boots, and a River Island coat. 
Thanks again to the lovely Sarah for an enjoyable afternoon. We'll be down again soon, no doubt! 

The very biddable 'Biddy'

Monday, 13 January 2014

On yer Bike

Happy New Year, blogger friendlings!
Hope you all had a great Christmas. Between his birthday and Christmas, the boy child did ever so well. A plane, a bin lorry, and a train set. And these were just the Santa gifts. In this post, I wanted to highlight one of his best presents - this amazing little Carrera Coast balance bike from Halfords. This was kindly bought for him by his doting great grandparents, but given to him all the way back in the summer months so he could get the use out of it. And a good job too. I've been trying to get a photo of him on it these past two weeks, but the weather has been lousy! So you'll have to make do with these photos from the summer. Ah t-shirt weather. We miss you! 
The idea of a balance bike is that there are no pesky pedals to get in the way. Therefore the child learns to balance and can manage much better without stabilisers once a pedal bike is introduced. I can't tell you how effective this is yet. Ask me again in another year. We all get so much enjoyment seeing how much fun he has on it. 
 In other news, we've hit the "Why?" and "How?" phase. My GCSE chemistry, biology and physics are definitely being tested once again. Some questions are valid. Some are repetitive (read: irritating) and some are just downright unanswerable. Like this morning. "I want to go to play school" Me: "We're on our way". Jack: "Why are we on our way?" Other questions include "What windows made from?", "Why our car black?", "Why Mummy not have willy?", "Why cats not like dogs?", "Why you do dishes?", "Why we go shop?", "Why me have curly hair?", "Where strawberries come from?", "Why we have bellybutton?" "Why it rain?" He's a curious lad, for sure.  
 In the top photo Jack is wearing the American Apparel 5 pocket jeans (turned up) His belt is Zara Kids, T-shirt, H&M, and he's got on a pair of classic canvas Toms. The backpack is handmade by Marine Parents. Thanks to our chum Steve for the plush Buzz Lightyear. Oh and don't forget the helmet! It's from Halfords too.