Thursday, 29 August 2013

My Little Pony

Today, we visited our friend Sarah at the stable she volunteers at. I wish I could say I owned and rode horses when I was little, but I never had the opportunity. However, as an animal lover, I like horses and I was super duper excited to get the chance to make a fuss over some real beauties today. We were most interested in this little pony though. If a boy named Sue ever thought his name was bad, he should talk to this lovely little shetland of the male variety. Meet Angel. 

He was an old, gentle boy. Jack and I brought him some carrots, bananas, and even some freshly baked bread! Instant friendship! Since he was so tiny, Jack was able to get up close. He even had a short ride on his back! He loved it. "Like my rocking horse in my room" he told me. There happened to be a red tractor at the place too, so, as is the law in Jack's eyes, we must set aside at least half and hour for him to sit on it. There were loads of lovely doggies to pet too. Jack had such a great time, and has talked about it all evening. I have a feeling he has a wee notion of Sarah! Watch out Cathal, you have competition by the looks of things!

Jack wore the American Apparel kids fisherman jumper, and the flannel long sleeve shirt. The jeans are from Zara kids and the boots are the Aigle Perdrix wellies

Thanks to American Apparel for the lovely items and a big thanks to Sarah for the great tour.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Rock Pool Explorer

On a recent holiday to Co. Donegal, Ireland, Jack went exploring rockpools on one of the many beautiful beaches we visited. This beach has lots of abandoned boats sitting about, so Jack had fun clambering in and out and instructing me where to sit and 'rowing' us to where we were headed (generally Granny and Grampa's house). 
Check out his shoes. I. love. these. My lovely sponsor, Milly Mog, who I have featured before, kindly sent Jack the Hummel Surf Blue High Top trainers. They have become known as his 'moon boots'. I think they are seriously class. All the other colour combinations are crazy cool too. I think Jack was rather pleased with these. He must have told everyone who would listen to look at his new shoes. If you fancy a pair of these bad boys for your little one, check out this cute site, and remember they're kindly giving Jack's Paper Moon readers 15% off. Just use the code JACK15MM. Thanks Milly Mog!

Jack also wore the American Apparel 5 pocket Jeans (which are the most hard wearing, well fitted toddler jeans I have ever come across) and the AA kids flex fleece hoody. The Cat and the Hat backpack was handmade by Marine Parents

Monday, 19 August 2013

Crab Catchers at Dusk

I've always had a fascination with crabs. When I was wee, my Pappy taught us how to fish for crabs, using an unfortunate limpet tied to the end of a string. So I was excited to see what Jack made of it on our recent holiday in Co. Donegal, Ireland. The waters were a little choppy, and we were losing the light, but, says I, 'we're not leaving 'til Jack catches a crab!' Pappy Jack had kindly made Jack Jr. a rod of his very own. It was the same as all the other rods (a bamboo stick with a hook and string) but a little bit smaller, and my Nanny insisted it has a stopper at the end to protect little eyes! Safety first, friends! 

Luckily, the wee beasties didn't disappoint and took the bait. We caught a bucket full. Big and small. Mummy here was the only one brave enough to pick them up. Their strength never ceases to amaze me. What spirited little fighters they are! Like little boxers, they're always ready for fisty cuffs. As usual, when we're done marvelling at the creatures, we let them go. It's funny to see them all scuttle away and 'buckleap' off the side of the pier. And what did Jack make of them? He was intrigued and terrified all at the same time. I still can't get a straight answer out of him. Sometimes, when I ask what he thought of the crabs he tells me they are a "wee bit scary - nip me" (he says this while making pincer movements with his hands. I can assure you that no crab got close enough to Jack to pinch him!) Other times he tells me they're just plain "nice".

The little man was wearing a thrifted coat from the Rusty Zip. His hat and boots are both supplied by two kind sponsors, Ingugu and Hunter.

"Go free our crustacean compatriots"

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Let's go Fly a Kite

We all have long faces today. We're just home from an amazing holiday in beautiful County Donegal, Ireland. A place that my whole extended family frequently visit. We rented a large house (which Jack dubbed 'the big house') and squeezed a bunch of us in. Those who didn't sleep there, stayed just down the road in hotels, or B&B's. All the people Jack loves the most were there. He was in his element. On this, Jack's first visit, we took the opportunity to introduce him to all the things I loved doing here as a child. Crab fishing, Rounders, Buckleapin', and in this case, kite flying! I had it in mind to buy Jack a kite at some stage, and then I spotted this amazing traditional diamond kite at dotcomgiftshop. What a beauty! Thanks to all the Enid Blyton I was fed as a child, this is how I think a kite should look! Check out Jack flying it all by himself! 

I also wanted to feature a couple of my lovely sponsors, the first being luxury baby clothing company Ingugu. They kindly sent Jack this gorgeous Hooded brown sweater, made from the softest alpaca baby wool. They also sent him the grey Melange slouchy hat. These are seriously stunning little pieces which kept Jack as warm as toast during his kite flying adventure. They arrived to us in a sweet drawstring canvas bag with the nicest little pouch of lavender which smelt ahhhhh-mazing! The hat and cardigan still have that lavender smell - I give him extra cuddles when he's wearing these just for a yummy lavender whiff! Mmmm! Ingugu are kindly offering my readers 10% off an order from their Etsy shop. Just enter JACKALPACA at the checkout. How kind. Thanks guys! 

Also, a wee mention to my second sponsor, Petit home, who gifted Jack these Mimi Lou star wall stickers you see behind Jack in the studio photos. I absolutely love their range of quirky kids accessories and gifts! I have my eye on some delicious little cushions for Jack's new bed! 

Anyway, don't think you've seen the end of our holiday photos yet! Wait 'til you see him surfing in his wet suit! And fishing with his little rod. Oh I wanna go back and do it all again! Sigh. Thanks once again to my sweet sponsors! Go wan, give them a wee visit! 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Little Lion Man

A lovely present from one of our super sponsors, Toby Tiger dropped though the letterbox a couple of weeks ago. It contained the Organic Cotton Lion top. Look at those fab colours! The fabric is super soft, and it has washed well. (The first time little mister wore it he spilt pure orange juice all over it! Typical) 
Below you can see Jack having fun making lion noises. "The lion is on your top, you're not a lion!" I teased. "Me is!" he shouted back, roaring and laughing even louder! He thought it was the funniest thing! Above he wears it with some cords, and below skinny jeans, both from H&M. The welly boots are the Aigle lolly pop boots.

Thanks again to our pals at Toby Tiger. They're kindly offering Jack's Paper Moon readers 10% off a first order. Use the code ILOVETOBYTIGER at the checkout. Toodles for now!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Sweet Child O' Mine

We're a family of Guns n' Roses fanatics. Well, my husband isn't really a fan at all. And Jack has never expressed any particular interest. And even after all these years, I'm not sure what the dogs musical preference is. So I guess it's just me really. Regardless, I spotted this cute G&R tee in Next and had to get it for the wee fella. Now we both have Guns n' Roses tee's! Sing it with me... woah oh oh ohhh sweet love of mine!