Thursday, 30 May 2013

Here Comes the Sun, Little darling.

Wow! What a spectacular day. Jack and I have been out enjoying the amazing sunshine. I asked him to take some photos of Mummy today, and dear love him, he tried. Well, he refused to put his 'bribing lolly' down during his attempt, so it made for an awkward one handed little photographer, but as I say, dear love him, he tried. 
Jack was wearing a striped vest and green shorts from H&M

Anyway, we're away to have some more fun in the sun before it disappears for another nine years.

(Oh, and thanks to my Uncle Brian who sent Jack this lovely little name train track. It's so cute! Choo-choo!)

Friday, 24 May 2013

They Were all Yellow

The weekend is upon us! Horray! Today, Jack and his best chum Martha had a wee chase and a play in a local rapeseed field. What a couple of sweethearts they are. It made for a great photo opp! It really was the prettiest of places. Jack wore a white tee, blue shirt, and yellow cords, all from H&M.
We have a great weekend, full of fun plans ahead, so I'm crossing my fingers for another day of sun like today. Wishing you the happiest of weekends, friends!

Sunday, 19 May 2013


Well, that's another week almost over. We had a wonderful weekend. Jack attended his big cousins birthday party yesterday. Chips, cake, ice-cream and jelly to fuel all the playing. Boy, I wish I had half his energy. Today we took a trip down to the country, where Jack continued where he left off and played even more with his cousins.

I picked up this gorgeous wee vintage jumper in the Rusty Zip on Friday. I think it's total coolness. I made my husband drag this cute little bench through the field on our walk today (thanks, dearheart) for a little photo opp. My father-in-law has put the cattle out to graze for the summer, so we have to share the fields again. Check out the cow photo bomb! How mooschievous! No? Okay, ah-hem. I'll get my coat.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A Walk in the Park

Spring looked like it might have finally sprang earlier. False alarm. But the wee man and I did manage to fit in a lovely walk through the park this morning. We just made it back to the car before the rain started, again. Today he was wearing a vintage jumper from my old pal Kayleigh, a plaid shirt from Cos, American Apparel kids slim slacks, and the Aigle Perdrix wellies.

We've had an exciting week. Jack was a page boy for my cousins wedding last Thursday. After some mild concern about how he would behave, he exceeded my expectations and walked down the aisle alongside me beautifully, sat through the service like a complete angel, posed for the photographer like a boss and entertained everyone immensely by dancing the night away! I couldn't have been more proud. He was so cute in his little suit. Hopefully I'll be able to post a few photos of us in our fancy schmancy wedding get-up soon. Also, Jack is now officially potty trained! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but I have to give my sweet husband a lot of the credit. It would seem he's a natural in, erm, toilet training animals and toddlers. So, a memorable and wonderful week here.

Wordless Wednesday? Sure, I wouldn't know how.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Beach Boy

Well... a regular blogger I am not! Sorry, sorry, and sorry, life has been hectic. Between the garage conversion (we're only converting it to a photography studio you know!) work, and potty training we just haven't stopped! But if I know you, and I think I do, you're not gonna hold Shirky McSlackerson here to account. And that's why we're such good chums. 

So, Little Pinecone, one of my very lovely sponsors, sent Jack this beautiful 100% Superfine Merino wool round neck top We love it! I think it's got a real 70's vibe going on. Jack wore it down to the beach this beautiful day. Here, and guess what... Little Pinecone are giving all my readers a free Pinwheel Beanie Hat with any purchase! Just send a wee email to after you place your order with the details of the hat you fancy and bam, you're done. 
Little Fluffytop also splashed around the damp sand and stones in his super skinny H&M jeans, and Zara Kids high tops. 
Happy Wordless Wednesday, friends!