Saturday, 27 October 2012

All the leaves are Brown

I don't think I have ever appreciated the beauty of Autumn as much as I have this year. Maybe it's because I have a toddler who loves to kick around in the fallen foliage and I have time to appreciate the beauty around me, or maybe we're just having a particularly gorgeous one. We're spending lots of time at the park lately and enjoying all the loveliness.

Recently, I have seen all these beautiful photos on various blogs of kids in Pumpkin patches. What a wonderful backdrop it makes for an autumnal style photo shoot. I wish we had access to something like that over here. We don't. There is simply nothing like it in Ireland. So I bought a couple of pumpkins to create my own - and I don't even like pumpkin! Being a household that doesn't like waste, my 'foody' husband, and the better cook out of the two of us, is going to give pumpkin fritters a go. Sure, I'll give 'em a try.

In the past week Jack is making excellent progress with the talking. The joy of hearing these first few words is indescribable! And he gets clearer every day.

Today he was wearing a red coat and yellow skinny jeans from Zara Kids. He's also stomping about in the crisp leaves in his brown leather Converse. An outfit to compliment the season I think.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Dem Bones

Check out Jack's new glow in the dark spooky skeleton PJ's from Baby Gap. They're also doubling up as the wee man's Hallowe'en costume this year. Thrifty!  We have been invited to a couple of parties and the J-dude is super excited.

So... Happy Hallowe'en from Jack and I. We hope you get more treats than tricks!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Irish Weather

What an incredibly Irish day we had. We had sun, rain and wind all at the same time. The cows have gone in for the winter now, leaving my father-in-law's fields once again safe to trek across and explore. Our darling dog makes full use of the space and runs as far as the eye can see. Jack loves to get his wellies on and squelch through the mud. In fact - we all do!

Today Jack was wearing his navy Aigle Giboulee wellies, H&M mittens, and the American Apparel Kids Flannel lined rain parka. He just loves to park his wee bum on any little ledge or seat he finds. In this case, a mossy rock.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Sittin' on a Tree Stump...

Hello hat weather! We've been expecting you! Luckily, Aunty Sarah bought Jack this beautiful Aviator Cap last year, and it fits his little noggin even better now. It's from Zara kids incase you're wondering. I love that you can leave the flaps hanging down to keep mini ears warm, or should one prefer, they can be strapped up over the top (see below). Stylish and versatile.
The teeny tiny mittens were a bargain from H&M. Would you believe it was £1.99 for two pairs!? We've lost the grey pair, so it's a good job they come so cheap. Surprisingly, Jack is rather good at keeping his hat and mittens on now.

Today he was also wearing his Navy Converse. Ironically, even though they're totally cool, they're not the best choice on a cool day. And they do not perform well in long wet grass either. So he's wearing them with two pairs of socks, and soon we might have to leave them behind and start thinking about warmer footwear.

Jack also wears an American Apparel hoody and Skinny jeans from H&M.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Green Day

This morning we all went for breakfast in our local village. Jack wore his new bright green Vans. They're so funky! Now he has no chance of losing his feet among all the newly fallen leaves. He hopped up onto this low little windowsill for a photo, although I loved the illusion that the window was high up off the ground.

He is also wearing the organic cable knit jumper from Bamboo Baby, a shirt from the Cos Kidswear range and H&M skinny jeans. 

Monday, 1 October 2012

Itty-bitty Uggs

Soon after wee Jack was born, a package from some good friends arrived all the way from Australia containing these beautiful little Uggs. He's only grown in to them now - just in time for the cold weather. They're the soft soled slipper kind though, so they're strictly for indoors and dry days only. (And dry days are hard to come by in Ireland. Believe you me.)

Below Jack teams his cute little Uggs with a Grey beanie and vest from American Apparel, H&M skinny jeans, and a gorgeous plaid shirt from the COS kidswear range.