Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Little Tin Wheelbarrow

My little man was at the gardening again, making lots of use of his new blue wheelbarrow. I picked up this vintage beauty from eBay a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was a bargain at a tenner. I photographed him in the garden against my sky blue backdrop.
Today, Jack was wearing his American Apparel Navy and Light blue Rib Tanks along with the Kids Interlock running shorts. He's also wearing the AA kids colour block socks which go amazingly with his vintage T-bar sandals. It seemed such a shame to hide the two tone socks under his trainers, so I think I'll keep these little socks for whenever he's wearing these.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Mellow Yellow

Today we have a special featured guest! Introducing... Martha! Jack's girlfriend. Martha is quite the little talking point in our house. Jack just adores her. Being the slightly younger one, Jack is fascinated with her, and he imitates everything she says and does. Not to mention her Mummy and I are great friends, so we kind of hope they are going to grow up and get married. We already have parts of their wedding planned out. Only slightly joking.

I photographed Martha against my new Creativity Backgrounds Buttercup backdrop today. I love the colour, although it's definitely not the easiest backdrop to use. Every little crease and shadow shows up which requires a bit of work in photoshop to remove or smooth out. Still, the results are worth it I think. My flash was out of battery today, so these were taken with natural light and my reflector disk. Can I draw your attention to Martha's new vintage wig-wam jumper? Flipping gorgeous! We tried to photograph both Jack and Martha together, but it was pretty much impossible, so I have added a little photo of Jack on his lonesome. He's wearing a simple striped vest from H&M - my current fave item in Jack's wardrobe.