Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Watering Can

I design adverts for a living, so when I take a photo of Jack that I think would lend itself well to an advertisement, I feel strangely compelled to add a logo or the likes. Obviously this is not a real advert for Aigle. Jack and I are their new biggest fans though. I mean, look at those gorgeous wee welly boots... I could just write a poem about them. They are my favourite Jack's favourite footwear ever!  The wellies were not really what I had intended to capture this morning. I decided I wanted to photograph him gardening with his new watering can. My Nan was the person who ignited his interest by filling her little green watering can and showing him how to give the plants a drink. He was so into it I knew I had to buy him a can of his very own. I took my sky blue backdrop outside today as watering inside would have created a right mess. Isn't he a helpful boy?

Happily Mother After

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Me and my Shadow

Hey everyone - check out my big massive studio! Nah... I wish! As usual, I photographed Jack in my modest sized front room, against my 1.35m black and grey backdrops. The rest of the space is photoshopped in, including the shadow. I've went a bit mad with negative space recently. I just love it. And I love shadows. Don't worry, my obsessive nature will take my interest onto some other technique by next week.   Jack is wearing his blue Zara cords, blue converse and a knitted vintage train jumper. The poor darling has an awful tummy bug at the moment. He's barfing round the clock, so we have to keep a close eye on him to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated. Hopefully we'll turn a corner soon. Even when he's not feeling great, he still has a smile for big Mama! What a wee pet.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Give it some welly

Here's my wee man in his first pair of welly boots. I'm a Hunters girl myself, but Jack makes these Aigle's look so good I wouldn't mind a set! I think he's my fashion icon. He rocked his Converse High Tops so much I went out and got myself a pair. Now we match. I guess the right model can sell anything!

He's touching his nose, as instructed to do so by Mr Tumble. Any other 'Something Special' fans will know all about it. Behold- the magic spotty bag!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Isn't he a bit like you & me?

Here's a sneaky peek of a sweet little American Apparel tee I picked up for next to nothing on eBay. It has given me inspiration for a Father's Day card featuring my wee tot. If I was a more patient person I would have waited 'til next month to show you, but I'm not, so I snapped him wearing it today. Come Father's Day, I'll put my plan into action. Fingers crossed Jack plays ball.

Friday, 11 May 2012

The Future's so bright, I gotta wear Shades

It might seem odd to intentionally create so much 'negative space', but I'm so into this at the moment! Granted, it definitely works better in my design work when I add text to fill in the blank space, but today I thought I would try it for Jack's portrait. I also rolled out my black and white backdrops together to create the two tone effect.

Jack is sporting his brand new sunglasses from Marks and Spencers. Isn't he a cool dude? He picked them out himself. He's also wearing an American Apparel cardi, Zara skinny rocker jeans and a vintage tee.

Jack was featured in the May edition of the American Apparel email newsletter wearing this cardigan. You can see it here: http://tiny.cc/0h92ew

Monday, 7 May 2012

Tiny Dancer

I thought I would try to capture Jack in his new sunglasses this morning. Well, as it happened, he wasn't having any of it. However, he was happy to dance along to a cartoon, while standing on my blue backdrop in only his nappy. I snapped all his best moves as we giggled away. Gosh, the child makes me laugh. I couldn't choose between the photos, so I put them altogether. This took an incredibly long time, and was a very very fiddly job. Mostly because I photographed it on blue, and layered each photo over the one before. It took an immense amount of concentration to select the correct layer to delete or clone, and blending shadows was a bit of a nightmare. Anyway, here's my collage photo attempt. Check out dem funky shapes!

Friday, 4 May 2012

My First Trike

Weeeeeee! Jack has been having super-duper fun on his new (old) Raleigh trike! My grandparents had this little beaut hidden away in their attic, and this lucky boy has claimed it. I don't know how old it is, but I have found the exact same trike here, and it seems to be displayed in a museum! There are beautiful illustrations of frogs on the seat and the recognisable Raleigh logo on the front. We're so chuffed with it. Having said this, it is causing a few problems. Jack can't yet pedal it himself, so he gets frustrated if we stop pushing. My Nan came up with the temporary solution of attaching some string and pulling him around yesterday. I've added a little photo below.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mr Clarinet

Here we have Jack auditioning for Britains Got Talent, and by the looks of things it wasn't the most successful audition. I can just imagine him biting back at Simon in the photo below, shouting, "What do you mean I stink as bad as my nappy?"
Seriously though, I thought photographing him beside my clarinet would be a great way of showing his height at 16 months. Also, it was one of those great interactive props that kept him occupied while I snapped him. This clarinet belonged to Jack's namesake, great grandfather Jack. Papa Jack plays loads of instruments, and I think Jack might have inherited an interest in instruments too. He definitely comes from a musical family!

As for the outfit, it's another vintage classic from our friends at the Rusty Zip. He wears the little jumper all the time, but I must admit, taking him out in the matching knitted shorts might be a bit much, so I thought I would just take a photo of him wearing these before he grows out of them. There's no denying they're cute on him, even though they're totally rare.  

I took this against my summer green back drop, and changed the colour slightly, just for a change. I also used my SB-800 external flash.