Friday, 17 February 2012

Chocolate smiles

So Jack has just landed a million euro deal as the new face of Kinder chocolate. Of course, I kid. But I think he could easily be a little model! I fancied trying something a bit different today, so as Jack napped I cut 4 coloured sheets of card into long triangles and stuck them in a semi circular shape. (See last photo) Then I stuck them on to my white backdrop and snapped Jack in front of them. I think it was a fun effect.

I don't usually give Jack chocolate. In fact, this is only his third taste of chocolate... ever! But as you can see, he's a huge fan, just like his Mama!

Disclaimer: I feel like I should make it absolutely, positively, 100% known, that this post is not sponsored by Kinder. I am using the Kinder logo for illustration purposes only, and Jack is definitely, truly not the new face of Kinder chocolate! Capiche?