Monday, 19 December 2011

Pocket Watch

I had a quick photoshoot with my little family yesterday morning. Don't they all look gorgeous in their matching Santa hats? And isn't Jack just the double of his Daddy? Poor Maisey looks like she isn't enjoying the headlock Daddy has her in- just kidding! It looks way worse than it really was. She was more than happy to be in the photo. In fact, when the backdrops and camera come out, Maisey plonks herself down right in the middle, like she wants to be in the photo now. 
Jacks little jumper is another vintage gem, courtesy of the wonderful Rusty Zip. Look at his little pocket watch- cute cute cute! 
I really need to plan something for Wednesday, when Jack will be ONE! Unbelievable! 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Two Turtle Loves : Maisey and Jack

I had mentioned that I would try using a green backdrop to photograph Jack in his Santa constume. I attempted it last week, dressing Jack in his little Santa outfit, and even getting our beloved pooch Maisey in on the action. However, the two of them would not play ball. Jack was by far the worst offender - he was busy pulling his own hat off, and then Maisey's too. Maize just wouldn't look at the camera. Too bad. The green turned out well though!
Since I took this portrait last week, it has really grown on me. I sent it to my parents and grandparents, who both printed it out and are displaying it, (It might be down to the fact they're all very fond of Maisey and dote on Jacky) and a friend of mine thinks it works well because it isn't 'posed'. So, with all these lovely compliments, I don't feel the need to hide it away quite so much!

The Paper Mama
I was delighted to win fourth place 
with this photo on The Paper Mama
Thanks so much!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Santa Baby

It's the first of December! The countdown for Christmas is on- plus, Jack turns one this month. I bought this little Santa outfit just after he was born last year, half price in the January sales. It looked so big then. I put it in his wardrobe and brought it out yesterday for a photoshoot. It fits him perfectly and the quality is superb. I highly recommend any of the Mothercare costumes, they are always so well made.

Boy did I try hard to get a big smile from Jack during this shoot, to no avail. He was in good form (despite teething) and he would smile anywhere but in front of my A0 Canford card. He's so big and mobile now, trying to shoot him against such a tiny backdrop is a bit of a nightmare. Any movement and he's off the side. Anyway, this costume is too cute not to try another shoot. My husband says he would love to see the suit against the green, so I'll give that a go. We have lots of nice Christmas parties to attend this month, the first one being on Sunday. Jack will no doubt be the star of the show in this little outfit!

You can see Jacks one and only tooth in the photo above. I think it is so funny to get one bottom tooth, I thought they came through together. We've had a few rough nights with him, I'm pretty sure tooth number 2 will be making an appearance any day now.

The Paper Mama