Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bowtie Baby

This cutie is 3 months - 13 weeks to be exact. And I still haven't got my Thank you cards out! (So sorry to any and all that gave us a lovely gift for this one, we will have to get a move on with these, I just haven't been able to find the time!) He's such a wee darling, and since he's making my job so fun, time is going way too quick. I suppose it doesn't help that the new school runs and all the other stuff that has to be done makes the days fly in too. He had his 3 month review today. They tell me he's doing fabulously. Almost 15lbs! Bruiser! 

I wanted to introduce you to one of my sponsors, Brooklyn based company, Stinky McGee. (Love the name!) They specialize in stylish suspenders, bowties and neckties for the little stinky in your life. If you have a special occasion or the wee'un in your life enjoys looking sharp, you've gotta check these guys out. The wee ties are just the cutest. Noah here, is wearing the Hey, I'm a Boy  vest from the Mini McGee range. Look at the wee ducks on his bowtie! If you're so inclined, make a purchase with the code JPM for a 15% discount, how great is that? Thanks so much to the fab people at Stinky McGee. Our stinky looks so dapper!

Since the pups are growing up so quick, I'm afraid to blink, just in case I miss something. I want to remember every little thing, so I've been keeping the camera close by and taking loads of family portraits, particularly of the boys. Looking back on the newborn photos is kind of bitter-sweet. The newborn phase doesn't last too long. I like to think I soaked up every moment though. How blissful it was.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Tally Me Banana

Hello all! We're getting in to the swing of the new school year now, and after a couple of rocky starts (he was initially unhappy about me leaving him) Jack is now a happy boy in his new nursery. I'm very quickly starting to realize how the school day is going to seriously affect our usual routine of swanning about, as free as birds. Noah and I can't go very far. We have to make sure we get back in time to pick Jack up. We can no longer go on a little break in the middle of the year either! I'll tell you what though... the weekend is going to become a weekend for me again! No school runs! A free day! Saturdays just got their special back!

What about this shirt?! Bet you've never seen anything like it! This unisex Ae-hem Banana Print Shirt was sent to us by a new sponsor, UK based store, Rabbit in the Moon. They stock funky Korean kids brands (that you might not have heard of ... yet) which let kids express their unique personalities. They don't do cliches - you wont find pink kittens on skirts for girls and blue tractors wellies for boys here. I think this banana shirt sums that up! We love this shirt, he sure gets a load of compliments when he wears it. Thanks to Rabbit in the Moon, who are giving my readers 15% off an order with the code JPM15.

Jack is also wearing the American Apparel kids Slim Slack in almost black, and Zara kids brown shoes.

If you follow moi on Instagram, you might have noticed I try to snap a weekly photo of Noah. I'm so glad I do 'cos golly, he is growing like you wouldn't believe. "Thriving like a gosling" as my father-in-law would say. My big wee man just turned 3 months yesterday, and he's already rolling over, teething, and bearing weight on those chunky little leggies. Sometimes he looks like he's ready to crawl! This baby is no new-born any more, and although that's a bit sad, I am enjoying watching him developing. Yesterday, he started his big laughs. Ahhh-dorable! What pure joy he is.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Grampa Told Me So

Jack loves his Grampa D. Grampa, you see, provides him with something we can't. Knowledge of cars and mechanics. My arty husband and I really don't know anything about engines and the interiors of VCRs and DVD players, nor do we have any interest. So when Jack hangs out with Grampa, he can join him in the garage, and peep over his shoulder as he tinkers with something or other. It's wonderful for him to have someone he can relate to in this way. Speaking of automobiles, Jack's nursery teachers have told me Jack identifies shapes by car logos! For instance, a diamond "look like a Renault" and a circle is a skoda "which my Granny drives". He can tell you exactly who drives what make and model of car right down to the correct shade. It's quite remarkable. I have to just take his word for it. He proudly tells people that we drive a black Ford Focus. Honestly, our car ain't nothing to be proud of (by the way, dear heart, the check engine light came on again this morning...) but Jack loves it. My husband recently borrowed a company car. It was immaculate. With automatic wing mirrors, cup holders that pull out of every nook and cranny, seats with heaters. You know, the works. Jack excitedly explored the inside, and pushed every button. Then, joking, I asked him if we should get one. "No" he replied, "I just like our Ford Focus." Could you ever believe it?  

Anyway, Grampa D came with us on this adventure, which made Jack a very happy boy. Weirdly, we kept coming across dead sheep (4 to be exact) and being the curious boy Jack is, he directed all his "why" questions at Grampa, giving me and my husband a much needed break. It went something along the lines of "why that sheep have no head, Grampa?" ... "why it head decompose, Grampa?" ... "why it die, Grampa?" and so on and so forth. Grampa aint too shabby at answering questions about death. He's much better than we are. He doesn't sugarcoat the truth, it would seem.

Look at this crazy lovely day? T-shirt weather! And what a gorgeous t-shirt it is. It was sent to us by our pals at Mini Mioche. Love the little pocket. I dare say we wont be getting too many more days to wear just a tee now Autumn is fast approaching, but this tee will be perfect for layering under cardigans and hoodies. Mini Mioche are kindly giving my readers 15% an order with the code moon15. Thanks so much to the guys over there for the discount. Jack is also wearing green skinny jeans from Zara Kids, and his original Hunter Wellies.

Of course, our darling wee Noah came too. Jack wouldn't have it any other way. Jeekers, how he loves his wee bro, and I can so clearly see how much Noah adores him. He saves some of his best smiles for Jack. I love my trusty Boba wrap. And it's not just me that wears him in it. All the men in my family don't mind embracing their feminine side, mostly my husband who you'll often find sporting the Boba, like the big earth Papa he is. Right on, Daddio.

Them's m'boys.

Friday, 29 August 2014

When the Boat Comes In ( + Winner Announcement!)

Every year my extended family rent a house in the beautiful County Donegal, Ireland, and we all shack up for a week or so. We arrived home a couple of days ago, after the most amazing break. It's a bit sad when it all ends. No-one is more down in the mouth about it than little Jack, who has such fun from the moment he arrives. We had to cut our holiday short by a day as we had to get Jack back in time for his first day of Nursery. I'm glad to report he loved it. Of course, the real test will come next week when Mummy doesn't get to accompany him for the session.

Noah did exceptionally well on his first holiday. It was ney bother to him. He coped well with the long journey, slept like usual, and seemed to enjoy the craic. He's 10 weeks old now. 10 weeks! Can you believe it? Such a happy wee babby too.
I've converted my Da to babywearing. I tied our boba wrap on Grandpa D during this trip to the beach, where Noah slept like a bug in a rug while Jack and I had a paddle and clambered in and out of some boats in the harbour. Of course we had to scramble out quickly and splash back to shore when we seen the fisherman who the boat(s) might belong to. Meanwhile, Daddy went scuba diving. He had a fab time, until he realized he had lost his wedding ring. We went back the next day, and enlisted the help of other family members to scuba. Talk about trying to find a needle in a haystack. Unsurprisingly we never found the ring. Of course, it's a sad loss.

Isn't Jack a picture in his wee wetsuit and lifejacket? He loved being part of the wetsuit gang. He enjoyed checking out the boats, paddling, and playing with his bucket and spade. My favourite thing to do is catch crabs. Jack is understandably a bit nervous about this. He doesn't like the thought of his ould Mum getting a nip by one of the beasties. Everyone else is allowed to hold a crab. But not me or Daddy. He's very protective of us, you know. 

"C'mere me little Jacky, Let's have a bit of craicy, 'til the boat comes in"

Finally, it's time to announce the winner of the Freshly Picked Moccasin competition. Thank you to everyone who entered. Jack picked a name from a hat this morning. The winner is... drum roll please... Copilotwife (@copilotwife on instagram) Well done to you! I'll be in touch shortly to put you in touch with a member of the Freshly Picked team where you can choose any pair you like for your wee person. There are more giveaways in the works, so keep following us to be in with a chance of winning in the future! And thanks to Freshly Picked for the lovely prize.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Windmills ( + Freshly Picked Giveaway!)

Yesterday, we traveled to what felt like the top of the world. Jack wanted to see a Windfarm. As you can imagine, it was seriously windy! The landscape was beautiful though, very rugged and unspoiled. Doesn't Jack make the cutest windmill? 

Jack is wearing a Gap windbreaker (just what was needed on this excursion!) Zara Skinny Jeans, and his Aigle Lollypop boots.

Win a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins!

So, exciting news! I'm hosting my first giveaway for you lot, courtesy of  kids moccasin company, Freshly Picked. They generously sent Jack and Noah a pair of matching suede moccasins. Look at Noah's wee feet in those tiny ickle moccs! So cute! Susan Peterson, the inventor of these little moccasins, started making these in 2009 when she became frustrated by the lack of well designed baby shoes. Since then, the design of these moccasins have been changed about six times until they were perfected! Fancy a pair of these soft soled delights for a kiddy in your life? Well, you have to be in it to win it. Simply follow my blog (on Bloglovin or Blogger) and Instagram (@jackspapermoon) and leave a comment underneath this post to say which pair you would choose. I'll get Jack to pick a name from a hat. None of these Rafflecopter thingymajigs here. I hate those, so we'll do this the old fashioned way! Winner will be announced in my next blogpost. (T+C Winner cannot have won any other giveaway, including a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins within the last 60 days) Good luck, friends!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Me and Baby Brother

We've had a fun couple of weeks here. We've had friends visiting from far and near to meet our new addition. We've enjoyed having them all - and so has social little Jack who loves having visitors. He enjoys showing off his toys, playing tour guide, making the dog do all her tricks, and introducing his new baby brother. He's ever so proud of wee Noah.

 Jack is turning out to be the most attentive and loving big brother. He truly adores Noah. He has my head turned some days for a cuddle and a nurse of "our baby" as he often refers to him. I think he considers himself to be the baby expert. Any little cry or whimper from Noah, and Jack is telling me what's the matter. "Maybe he needs a cuddle, Mummy?" "Mummy, come quick, Noah needs your booby milk!" "He sleepy, Mummy." He's very often right!

Anyway, here are some photos of our week that was.

1 & 6 Rice Krispie bun making with friends
2. Smiles that melt my heart
3. Morning cuddles
4. Bam! Fun with Gumtoo tattoos! More on these soon!
5. Jack's Skribbies design!
7. Bath time for baby!
8. Me and my guy

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Jack loves the beach, and so do we. So, whilst in Bangor last week, naturally we made sure we went. Although it was the last activity, and it was getting a little cooler, it was the highlight of the trip for Jack. He had been so excited about visiting all day long. He was also excited about finally getting to use his bucket and spade. On the last day of playschool back in June, the teachers threw the kids a great party at the local leisure center. There was a bouncy castles, games, and afterwards they each received a gift. Jack got this bucket and spade. They know him so well!

Face on him. He was probably barging about something, knowing our Jack. What about that robot coat, eh? He gets such a lot of compliments when he wears it. The lovely people at House of Fraser sent this beauty to Jack. It's from the Name It range. Love the colour! What a wonderful surprise- thank you! They also sent Noah this gorgeous blanket from the Baby Elegance range. This blanket is only available in-store though, so you'll have to pop into your local HOF if you fancy one. 

It was Noah's first time at the beach. We reckoned he loved it. There were loads of little gummy smiles. I love these first grins SO MUCH! I'm just soaking them all in. Check out @jackspapermoon on Instagram if you want to see some!

Now, I must shoot on. I've written this post with one hand while breastfeeding one child, and letting the other one stick post-it notes to me and the dog. The studio is a mess. Apologies in advance to my clean-freak husband! Thanks again to the good people at House of Fraser. Toodlepip!

"Please, lets just stay a bit longer"

Friday, 18 July 2014

Day Trip to Bangor

During the bank holiday this week, Jack, Daddy, Noah and I took a day trip to Bangor. I love a day in Bangor, or any seaside town really. We're all beach people. Oh to own a house by the sea someday. That's the dream. Here's Jack checking out the boats at the Marina. While I'm dreaming of a house by the sea, can I wish for a boat too? Check out Jack's class Ahoy Ladies tee. It was kindly sent to us by American based company, Ahoy Tees. They produce a gorgeous range of nautical themed clothing. I love every single item they stock! Check them out! Thanks so much to the guys over there for the top.

Actually, I'm kinda surprised he kept the top on. Jack is going through a phase where he almost refuses to keep his clothes on. He loves nothing more than to run about in his pants. No sooner have I got him dressed in the morning, I turn around and the clothes are off. He says he's too warm. Sometimes that's valid. Other times it's not. I think it's a boy thing. I remember my mother-in-law telling me my nephews were going through this phase. After his bath this morning, I asked him to put his dressing gown on. "I don't want to, I just like being naked" says he. N'er a truer word was spoken I reckon.

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor?